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Want to improve your chess skills? – Analyze your own games

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The unique feature of the game of chess, the King of Games, is that there is no involvement of luck or any other divine intervention in the game. Chess is a thinking game. The game between the two players starts with the premise that the logical conclusion for the game will be a draw. How a draw is turned either to victory or a loss depends on the players themselves. If you, as a player, make a mistake, then you are giving away the opportunity for the other player to say “checkmate” to you and vice versa.

It is clear that you lose the game when you make the mistakes. The ideal way to learn the game of chess is to learn from the mistakes and try to rectify the same. This approach will pave for success and help you gain expertise.

How to rectify one’s mistake? It is simple. Recollect the moves of the game that you lost now and try to find out where you went wrong. It is in this context the recording of the moves or notation, as it is called in chess parlance, becomes handy?

Recording the notation of the game and analyzing the same is essential for a person to gain expertise. As soon as you completed a game, where you unfortunately lost, you could do one thing immediately.

Just try to recollect the positions in the game and the important things that you learnt from the game. It should be done in less than an hour after the conclusion of the game, or else, you might forget the exact things.

When you could successfully recollect the position or the move that determined the fate of the game or the mistake you committed, put that in writing in your own words as you can understand, and review it frequently. In this way, what you can achieve is that the same mistake will not recur yet again, and if faced with the similar position in another game, your chess instinct will guide you to the correct move.

Compare your game and the position with similar games played by grandmasters or others by referring to the database of games available in the computer or in chess books. Using the prowess of the computer and the Internet is the best option available to the people now for improving their skills. It has been proved beyond doubt that a chess player, armored with the assistance of computer, Internet and the unique feature of Online Chess, can develop his skills in a relatively faster pace than the one who does not have these facilities.

Yet another useful way to improve the skill set is to play over your own game, with the help of notations, and try to highlight the important turning points in the game. Also, try to spell out your ideas, plans and the reasoning behind those ideas as part of your analysis of the game. While doing so, it is possible that you can find out the flaws in your line of thinking or can come up with some new ideas or possibilities. Make sure that you jot down those new ideas or possibilities and play them over. By analyzing your own games in this critical way, one can definitely improve his skill set and more importantly beware not to commit similar mistakes. The lesser the number of mistakes you make, the more the probability of saying checkmate to the opponent. As you start winning the games, your level of confidence will get a boost and you will evince more interest in the game. The interest and the joy of victory will result in increasing the love and passion the game, and you will find a marked improvement in your skill set as you develop the passion for the game.

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September 3rd, 2009 at 9:14 am