How to play chess?

Chess is an intelligence game played between two players. This game is played with chess pieces on an area of 8 x 8 square called a chessboard. A total of 64 karenin half black, half white color. The sides pick up the white and black colored pieces and the game evolves as his player makes a move at a time. At the beginning of the game there are 16 stones of white and black. They consist of a king, a queen, two castles, two elephants, two horses and eight pews. The aim of the game is to mock the opponent’s king.

Chess began to be played by the Hindus in the 6th century, and spread from there to the world.

The aim of the game is to oppose the opponent Shah. This means that the opponent is threatened by the whereabouts of the opponent, and there is no other attack that would prevent an escape or threat to a non-threatened chariot. If a player is not threatened by a player’s chess, and the player is the only remaining king of the legitimate player, then the game is pat and the draw ends, unless there is a game that the chief can make to a non-threatened chess. Also, the game can end with the acceptance of any one of the players and defeat, or a player offering a draw and the other accepting it. It is essential to limit the movement of the opponent by placing the stones at advantageous places during the game and to reduce the power by taking the opponent’s stones. Each stone has the power to dismiss a stone from its place by placing it in the square where the opponent’s stone is found, which is accessible to the rules, and is called to buy a stone. A pawn can not be returned to the stone game again, but a pawn that reaches the last pawn of the line can be replaced by another desired stone, provided that it is not found outside the game.

In the vote, unless the Shah is unhindered, it may go back and forth, right and left in a square shape and crosses. Unless the vizier is unhindered, it can be crossed horizontally flat without any limit and in the color of the karen which it is. Unless the castle is unhindered, it may go straight and horizontally without limit. If the elephant is not obstructed, it can be traversed in the color of the karen which it is in. It can be moved in the form of “L” (the letter L can be restored horizontally) by 3 steps. He can jump over the stones. Pawns move in a straight frame. Depending on the request, it can play 2 frames if it is played for the first time.